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Black History Jeopardy!

LB Black History Jeopardy.png

We've shared not so well known Black excellence facts all month on social, now let's get together virtually, grab a drink, and play a fun game to test your knowledge on Black history and culture...Jeopardy style!


**Prize for winning team! **Door prizes for donations!

Prizes & Giveaways Include:

  • LegallyBLACK. branding merchandise

  • Gift Cards, coupons, products and merch from Black Owned Businesses


Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up through here to play - encourage your friends & family too!

  2. Join the zoom call (you'll receive access through email).

  3. We'll split everyone that signs up to play into teams and let you know what team you're on before the game starts.

  4. You and your team will work together to answer questions, statements, and fill in the blanks from 6 different Black History related topic categories. Try to get as many right as possible because the winning team gets a dope prize from LegallyBLACK.!

  5. You'll meet new folks and have a great time learning something new!