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2023 Juneteenth Flyer.jpg

Our Annual Juneteenth Celebration 

Every year on the Juneteenth Holiday LegallyBLACK hosts a Juneteenth Celebration. always  at 6:19pm so, mark your calendars!


... Juneteenth 2023 "The Colorful Road to Freedom"...  

LegallyBLACK represents BIPOC but not all BIPOC have the same culture history and lived experience. So, we honor and uplift them separately when necessary and address us all collectively when appropriate. Juneteenth is to honor BLACK History, people, culture and our future. All are encouraged to celebrate and learn with us.

 -- all sourced by local Black Owned Businesses and Entertainers!


For a chance to win, follow us on Instagram @WeAreLegallyBLACK_ 

Find this post on our IG page and like, repost, and comment as described in the caption. 

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