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LegallyBLACK. Voter Challenge!


Not the Virus

We've made it a personal goal to educate and increase the number of BIPOC registered voters (a demographic that traditional sees less registration and voter turnout for local, state, and federal elections) as much as possible. Help us make a difference by joining the challenge!

Raffle Drawing on Election Day Nov 3, 2020

Grand Prize:

Gift Certificates from Pierce County, WA based Black-Owned Businesses & 

a custom made LegallyBLACK. "Spread the Vote Not the Virus" Jean Jacket!

How to Participate:

Step 1: Confirm your Voter Registration Status

Step 2: Talk to your family and friends and get as many to register as possible. Each person you register = one raffle ticket

Step 3: Submit proof of registration for the people you brought on board through our Raffle Entry Form. You'll need to attach a screenshot or picture of the confirmation page. We just need to see the name and status so feel free to blank out the rest of the information (date of birth and address) if you'd like.

Step 4: Add a photo to your social media wearing a mask and tag it with our LegallyBLACK handle and #SpreadTheVoteNotTheVirus 

Step 5: Await your submission confirmation email!

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