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From the step by step blueprint for organized peaceful protests, to securing positive media coverage and publicity Legally BLACK. will give you a platform to be heard and able to demand specific people in power to bring forth fair and just changes to our local, state, and/or federal laws to protect ALL people equally. Legal guidance, mental health therapy & counseling, and education expansion resources are available to you through LegallyBLACK. at  We are Brave, Lifted, Altruistic, Creative, & Keen!

6 things we can do for you:

Help Clarify Your Messaging

Co-create a specific message everyone understands

Leverage Speakers 

Leverage influential speakers to help educate your audience

Get Real Solutions for Real Demands

Help clarify realistic demands and coordinate with city officials to create strategies for resolutions

We have a 2.5 mile route that begins and ends where it matters most, at the County admin...

Provide a Predictable Walk Route

Safety Coordination

Assist with coordinating "Peacekeepers" and other safety measures

Resource Media Coverage

We'll draft a press release and coordinate media coverage

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