Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

Murders of unarmed Black men & women at the hands of police have swept the world by storm in recent months, but the people of WA have experienced this for far too long. Pierce county police lead the state in murders of unarmed Black people without justice served. 

Given this traumatic reality, LegallyBLACK has the following demands for police transformation:

A new police Chief who enforces higher standards of policing, mandatory body cameras for all Pierce County law enforcement, revoke qualified immunity, reform law enforcement recruitment and training programs, publicize misconduct reports, adopt all '8 Can't Wait' policies.


Community Resources & Information

- Health Care & Mental Health Awareness - History Education -Economic Infrastructure - Affordable Adequate Housing for all

 Educating the community and providing helpful resources through public events, workshops, programs, schools, public forums and more!


Celebrating & Uplifting BIPOC

We must also remember to embrace our culture, talents, beauty, and history as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.  LegallyBLACK proudly organizes and hosts public events like our annual Juneteenth Celebration, the Black Light: an open mic night, Black History Jeopardy game night, and will soon have visual & performing arts exhibits.