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LegallyBLACK was originally created in 2016 by Tisha Marie while in her home state of Rhode Island. Several years later she brought it to Washington State.  With an initial interest in protecting those who identify as Black/African Americans from racist stereotypes and systems that negatively impact their well-being and safety, Tisha Marie recognized how many of these same governed systems also negatively impact the entire BIPOC community in different ways. 


Racial injustices due to the historically ingrained oppression of this nation are happening in all areas of our society: education, housing/zoning, health care, economics, infrastructure and policing. The need for an organization to work collectively with the community and tackle each area was prevalent. It had to be done professionally, tastefully, and with the will of the people affected by these systems of racial oppression & discrimination and those who are not. Tisha formulated a mission and strategies on how to bring LegallyBLACK to life.  She proposed the idea to some of the most respected and intelligent minds she knew -who would later become the founding board of directors. *see below*

Tisha understood and believed that in order to achieve this feat, her people (the BIPOC community) would need the open, notorious, and unapologetic support and action of people of all ethnicities, genders, identities and professions. This was the missing element in most other organizations and movements in our history. Having an all-inclusive organization to tackle racial injustice is a deliberate and tactful strategy. Non-Black folks are encouraged and expected to use their advantages and abilities to start conversations, implement new processes and/or policies to better protect people of color, share resources, create safe spaces, uplift the voices of the BIPOC community, and educate those who are not on the receiving end of this long-standing ingrained oppression. 

The name “legally” identifies our board and members as law-abiding citizens and community fighting to close the gap of racial disparities in all governed areas of our society. The acronym for “BLACK” details how we go about evoking change. It requires Bravery, Lifting the oppressed, being Altruistic, Creative & Keen. Operating in Tacoma since early 2020, LegallyBLACK was officially established as a duly recognized Washington state Tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2021.

We are Brave, Lifted, Altruistic, Creative, & Keen!  We see you, we hear you, we love you and we need you.

The Original Founding Board of Directors

things we can do for you:

Help Clarify Your Messaging

Co-create a specific message everyone understands

Leverage Speakers 

Leverage influential speakers to help educate your audience

Get Real Solutions for Real Demands

Help clarify realistic demands and coordinate with city officials to create strategies for resolutions

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