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 non-profit organization made up of law-abiding citizens & community of all identities fighting to close the gap of racial disparities in all governed areas of our society. We represent the interests of Black and Indigenous people of color in priority order of who is most in need first, and have a zero tolerance for verbal, written, and institutionalized racist bigotry.

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Another Juneteenth Celebration
Monday June 19th, 2023 at 6:19pm People's Park 
"The Colorful Road to Freedom"
an outdoor festival for the people. 

see upcoming events for details

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Our Mission & Philosophy

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


Dedicated to unifying modern-day civil rights activists and grassroots organizations, LegallyBLACK focuses on creating awareness of the racial disparities in all governed areas of our society. Our collective efforts help to evoke tangible changes to local, state, & federal laws, city ordinances, contracts and policies to best protect the well-being of Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (or BIPOC). Our mission is to address the ingrained oppression of Blackness as the foundation of all of our governing systems in America and eliminate all opportunities to continue on this path so all people of color have unconditional legal access to resources, freedom, peace, liberty, and the equal rights to the pursuit of happiness as promised by the laws of this nation.


We believe in order to achieve this feat, the BIPOC community needs the open, notorious, and unapologetic support and action of people of all ethnicities, genders, and identities to use their unique powers and ability to start conversations, implement new processes and/or policies, share resources, create safe spaces, uplift the voices of the oppressed/discriminated against/abused, and educate those who are not on the receiving end of this long standing ingrained oppression. 


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about what matters." - MLK Jr

Fighting for what matters!

We were not formed in response to police brutality but because there was a need for change in ALL governed areas of our society for the best interest and safety of BIPOC. For years our community has taken to the streets to share our concerns, desire for justice & equal treatment by law enforcement, and rightfully so. Together we've shouted, cried, shared personal stories, looked to local speakers for inspiration and preachers for salvation. We have gotten the attention of the media, law enforcement, and our local government. LegallyBLACK is committed to making sure the collective work of the community thus far is not in vain. From political networking, understanding local laws & policies and how our judicial system currently operates, to connecting with the key people in power who have the skill, resources, and ability to make change, we are dedicated to making sure our demands for police reform are heard and met! We promote peaceful protests and marches that help to educate the community and stimulate real long-lasting change to our policies and laws. Below are our goals for Tacoma police transformation. 4 out of 5 have been met, now we continue our efforts to end Qualified Immunity in Washington state... But it is not just policing that needs change.

        See our initiatives tab for more!

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Affordable Housing Access

Fighting for fair rental screening processes, advocating for affordable multifamily unit properties in Pierce County & more

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Public Education

Advocating for all public schools to teach Black & Indigenous History without filters. Provide resources, funding, and opportunities for BIPOC students

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Policing & Criminal Justice

Adopt and enforce strict policy, regiment, and community service requirements


 Economic Development & Infrastructure 

Helping to rebuild the black economy by supporting Black Owned Businesses, and providing suggested strategies for sustainable infrastructure in urban communities 

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Advocacy for Mental & Health Services

Connecting community to mental health & medical resources and professionals

Celebrating Black History & Culture.

Join us for our annual Juneteenth celebration every year ON June 19th @ 6:19 pm 

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Activism looks different on everyone. Some groups have their preferred methods to evoke change and LegallyBLACK respects that.

But, together we can do even more!

Check out the wasys LegallyBLACK can help you and your organization mobilize, be heard, and drive long-term change for justice and racial equity without compromising your preferred methods, purpose, and core values.

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