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Unifying modern-day civil rights activists and grassroots organizations.

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"Black - any person who is not visibly Caucasian or White."

-America, 2020

Our Purpose

We Are Legally Black. Hispanic. Latino. Asian. Middle Eastern. Native. Pacific Islander. African.


LegallyBLACK. is dedicated to changing the narrative of Black & Brown people in the media and providing effective methods to evoke change in local, state, and federal laws through the court of public opinion, political networking, media outreach and educating our communities. Legally BLACK. is the go-to stop for groups & organizations on the quest for equality, justice and providing long overdue access to the promised liberties of the American Dream.


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about what matters." - MLK Jr

Helping Tacoma SPEAK UP for what matters!

For weeks our community has taken to the streets to share our concerns, desire for justice  & equal treatment by law enforcement. We have shouted, cried, shared personal stories, looked to local speakers for inspiration and preachers for salvation. For weeks we have gotten the attention of the media, law enforcement, and our local government. LegallyBLACK is committed to making sure our marches, protests, and rallies are not in vain. From political networking, understanding local laws & policies and how our judicial system currently operates, to connecting with the key people in power who have the skill, resources, and ability to make change, we are dedicated to making sure our demands for police reform are heard and met! We promote peaceful protests and marches that help to educate the community and stimulate real long lasting change to our policies and laws.



Body Cams

for all Pierce County law enforcement


Stop Qualified Immunity

Get rid of it!


Reform Law Enforcement


Adopt & enforce a strict regiment


Publicize Misconduct Reports


8 Can't Wait

Adopt all 8 policies now!

Juneteenth Royal Masquerade Gala!

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We march. We rally. 

We protest.

But together, we can do more.

Check out the six ways LegallyBLACK can help you and your organization mobilize, be heard, and drive long-term change for justice, equality, and love in Pierce County.

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Got video production skills?

LegallyBLACK. is looking for talented individuals willing to assist with a few exciting projects. If you have a passion for creating and/or editing video content and want to use those skills to positively impact our community we'd love to connect with you!  


Interested? Fill out a brief application to let us know more about you and the work you create!